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Some notes on taking book notes

November 08, 2019

I’ve read several books in my time… here’s the note-taking system I wish I’d built 10 years ago. I enjoy reading for the sake of it. I’ll…

From Personal Trainer to Coder to Software Engineer: What I’ve learnt - Part 1

May 22, 2019

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m a software engineer here at Flock. We’re an insurtech startup operating at the cutting edge of the data analytics and…

22 Ways to Boost your Energy. (Stuff that actually works)

April 21, 2015

Time. Time and energy. The two hot commodities that we just can’t get enough of. Unfortunately, while you can make better USE of your time…

You've Only Got 7 minutes to Workout. You Want to Burn Some Fat. Do This

April 07, 2015

There’s no point spending hours upon hours searching for the world’s hottest, most effective fat loss program if you don’t have the time nor…

Your Sleep Sucks? Here's 10 Ways to Fix It.

March 10, 2015

I enjoy sleeping. No really, I freakin’ LOVE sleeping. If you don’t mind me saying so, I think I’m pretty good at it too. And that’s a large…

31 SUPER Effective Ways to Make No Progress, Lose Your Energy and Get Really, Really Fat

February 03, 2015

Building an athletic, lean and healthy body can take a lot of time and a lot of effort. While maintaining your healthy body is relatively…

DOMS: The Curse of Post-Exercise Soreness

January 27, 2015

Muscle soreness. We all dread it. We all get it. Today we’re gonna talk a little bit about what it is, why it happens and what to do about…